Turn your backyard into a Zen palace

26 August, 2014

For any aspiring yogi, creating a peaceful backyard is essential. Whether the practice of Zen appeals to your need to break away from the hectic work day, or it appeals to your inner chi, a Zen backyard is an essential for creating outdoor comfort. The garden and patio space should be both therapeutic areas where you can practice living in a sense of calm, feeling at one with your world and home. If your backyard is in need of a peaceful lift, the ideas below will start you on your way. With a place to meditate, you are setting yourself one step closer to nirvana.

Rock garden
A Zen garden is simplistic, much like the practice of ikibana, and allows for the owner to appreciate both what nature holds and the space of which it is a part. Appreciate how a simple rock bed with small, interspersed ferns can complement one another in both color scheme and effervescence. Peace is about both release and control, and the combination of sturdy rocks and green foliage represents this. 

At pivotal points in your yard, place a meditating Buddha. He will protect the space, while also reminding you to take care of your soul. Your space should be a composite of views for contemplation. Consider incorporating natural archways through which you can look by purposefully placing your cantina hammock bed in front of a garden feature. Looking over the hammock, your eyes will be guided to specific characteristics of the yard beyond. 

Furniture for Zen 
When developing a Zen garden, a home owner needs to incorporate Zen-inspired furniture as well. Consider this space as an outdoor room. The furniture is an integral part that blends into the natural surroundings. The RST Zen collection perfectly honors this balance with a line of products that both mimic nature in color and comfort. The Zen 5 Piece Deep Seating Set is crafted with thick pillows. You can sink into these as you travel deep into your consciousness during your morning meditation. For those looking for a Zen flow, but with a very usable product, choose the RST Brands Zen 7 Piece Outdoor Dining Set. The entire collection features a light beige fabric and dark slate to contour its framing.  

Yoga friendly space 
If Zen is your backyard goal, chances are you will be utilizing this space for your daily sun and moon salutations. To ensure that you are able to stay cool and shaded on hot days, install the RST Brands Portofino Resort Umbrella into your backyard. This umbrella is ideal for yoga because its base sits off to the side, allowing your a full range of movement in the shade beneath. Choose an umbrella top color that will blend well with your furniture, like heather beige. Another important aspect of this umbrella is that it has the ability to be angled, so that you can adjust the amount of shade your throw across your patio throughout the day.