Pulling your outdoor furniture out of storage for spring

18 March, 2015

As the weather warms up and we get more daylight, you might be thinking ahead to all the outdoor parties you’ll host and they days you’ll spend relaxing in your yard. In the time between now and the first day of spring, you can get your outdoor furniture sets ready for use. That way, you can get to lounging, dining outside and relaxing on your porch right away. With chirping birds, cozy sunshine and outdoor fun in mind, here are tips for preparing your furniture pieces:

Inspect each piece
If you carefully cleaned and stored your outdoor dining sets and sofas, they’ll likely be in good shape come spring. However, you should always inspect your pieces anyway, just in case. Remove the outdoor furniture covers, then look for blemishes such as loose screws, rust, chipped paint or stained cushions. Most of these things can be fixed rather easily.

If you spot a loose screw, simply tighten it. For stained cushions, first try to spot clean using mild detergent, warm water and a washcloth. If the stain persists, purchase furniture cleaner and use that to scrub the spot. Cushion covers that are stained beyond repair can be replaced – you can buy just the fabric so you don’t have to pay for a totally new cushion.

Rinse off
Once you’re satisfied that your outdoor furniture is in good condition, rinse it off outside. This will help get rid of any dirt or dust that collected during the winter. Either leave the pieces to dry in the sun, or wipe them down with a cloth. While the pieces do resist moisture, keeping them dry will help them stay in great condition.

Get your patio ready
Even if you and your furniture are ready for spring, your patio may not be. Once the snow is melted, rinse off your deck or patio to clear dirt. Even if you and your furniture are ready for spring, your patio may not be. Once the snow is melted, rinse off your deck or patio to clear dirt. It may be difficult to accomplish the task on your own as you might not be well-equipped or lack the time. Therefore, you can contact companies that deal with residential power washing sugar land tx (or your local service providers). They can perform the task with utmost precision and ensure that your patio remains intact without any further damage. Afterwards, you can arrange your furniture pieces. Since it’s a new season, you have the freedom to try a different arrangement in your yard. Maybe instead of having chairs on one side of the deck and are outdoor sectional on another, you can combine them to create a living room-like seating area. Get creative with how you place your furniture – because your deck was clear for the winter, you have a blank slate! Also, you may want to add planters and pots to decorate your patio. 

With spring right on the heels of winter, now is the perfect time to break out your furniture.