Relaxing outside this fall

29 September, 2014

Autumn may be cooler than summer, but the season is still very conducive to outdoor living. The crisp air and changing colors are certainly a draw for many people who want to spend time in nature. Don't pack up your outdoor furniture sets just yet – you can transform your yard into a cozy space in which to enjoy fall weather. The best part is that the updates you make are relatively simple! Here are a few ways to get the autumnal retreat you've been dreaming of:

Cuddle up
Sitting on the porch beneath a soft blanket sure sounds nice, doesn't it? Add a cup of hot cocoa or tea to the mix and you're set to go! As you transition your outdoor spaces from summer to fall, take care to add blankets to your decor. Draping throw blankets over the back of your outdoor sectionals is an easy way to introduce comfort to your design. Consider using blankets that feature fall colors, such as burgundy, mustard and moss.

If you're worried about your blankets getting wet when it rains, simply store them inside near the door to your yard. That way, when you head out to read on your porch, you can grab a blanket. Also, set blankets out before you have guests over for an autumn bash.

Bring on the heat
Huddling up next to a fire pit is one of the joys of fall. As you and your friends gather around a fire, you'll banish the chill in the air and enjoy the look of the flames. Arrange outdoor seating around the fire pit so friends and family can relax and stay toasty at the same time. 

Looking for entertainment ideas that involve your fire pit? Consider roasting marshmallows with your guests! You can set out unique s'mores toppings, such as caramel-filled chocolate rather than plain candy bars. Between the cozy fire and the food, your fall party is sure to please.

Use inviting lighting
Your fire pit will add a warm glow to your yard, but you can take illumination a step forward. Design experts suggest you always have three sources of light in a space in order to get the coziest environment. Your fire pit can be one (when it's lit), but you'll need a few others. Consider creating decorative centerpieces for your outdoor coffee tables that feature candles. As you and your friends sit in cushy chairs, you'll chat and enjoy illumination provided by the soft glow of candles.

You can also install sconces on the exterior walls of your home or hang rope lights across your yard. However you choose to increase the artificial light in your outdoor spaces, make sure the sources create a warm atmosphere that will banish the chill of fall.

Decorate the space
Your outdoor spaces can be treated much like your indoor ones. You already have gorgeous furniture on your patio, so why not decorate for fall? Find inspiration in autumn colors and images, such as leaves, acorns and plants. You may, of course, set out the popular pumpkin, or decorate by creating a fall wreath. Your options are endless and certain to create a sense of warmth and comfort on your deck.