RST Brands & Insane Pools Collaborate On Creating The Perfect Backyard Oasis

31 May, 2018

Some people vacation for a tropical oasis, others create their own oasis right in their backyard. One man has made it his personal mission to help people reach their dreams of creating the perfect backyard pool. RST Brands is excited to be working with Lucas Lagoons in the new season of their hit series Insane Pools: Off the Deep End.

Lucas Lagoons

Lucas Congdon, award-winning pool designer and Florida resident, has been renovating and restoring residential pools since 2003 via his company Lucas Lagoons. His very first project won him the Gold Award in pool restorations, with his company earning additional accolades and awards over the years as they overhauled distressed pools.

Eventually, Lucas’s skill and success began winning him nationwide attention, even drawing the eye of network television. His process was filmed and turned into Insane Pools: Off the Deep End. Insane Pools’ first two seasons showcased Lucas and his team tackling renovation projects all across Florida. With season three, the team and show will be going all over the country.

The Insane Pools Method

Each job Lucas completes is a true original. As he puts it, “A custom design is just that…it will never be built again.” He draws inspiration from the aesthetic beauty of natural wonders, with natural (and naturally inspired) stone and waterfalls featured heavily in his work. He prefers to use reliable, durable materials so the projects will hold up long after his team has moved on. And he aims for a cohesive, coherent design that supports both form and function.

In addition to renovating pools and spas, the Lucas Lagoon team also updates the surrounding space. It’s common for the team to add full bars and kitchenettes, upgrade the landscaping, and even add high quality furniture that fits the decor. And, we’re proud to announce, in an upcoming episode Lucas’s team has chosen to feature RST Brands furniture in their project.

Insane Pools and RST Brands

RST Brands specializes in luxury patio furniture, with everything from patio comfort chairs, outdoor sofa sets, outdoor pool loungers, and whole outdoor furniture sets for creating a cozy backyard. The durable yet chic construction makes our luxury outdoor furniture a perfect fit for one of Insane Pools’ projects. After all, what backyard oasis would be complete without somewhere to do some poolside lounging?

But what about indoor furniture? We also make stylish indoor pieces that captivate and impress guests that aren’t intending to go for a swim.

If you’d like to see the quality of our work, and how our pieces can help transform a space into something beautiful, tune in to Insane Pools: Off the Deep End.