RST Brands releases new line of kids’ furniture

13 May, 2014

RST Brands has released a brand new line of furniture made just for kids. In RST Brands' Legare catalog, customers can find a wide variety of fun, brightly colored beds, tables and containers.

Inside each of Legare's tool-free products is an uncommon passion for creativity all wrapped up in one awesomely simple package.

Items in Legare's catalog range from the traditional to the unconventional and are perfect for children with great imaginations. If a child enjoys stories about fairy-tale kingdoms, knights in shining armor and smart and beautiful princesses, Legare offers princess-themed bedroom collections that come with a bed frame, dresser and two-tiered study desk in traditional creamy pink.  The princess' bed frame can fit a twin-size bed and features a shelf that can hold books, alarm clocks and much more.

Kids who like hearing stories about global peace, the love movement and the sustainable culture iconic in the late '60s and '70s will love the flower power-themed study set painted in vibrant purple hues. The desk can be adjusted to provide multi-level shelving big enough for a small computer or a laptop.

Young children who are raised next to the ocean can go to bed every night thinking about the peacefulness of the open water while resting in an ocean wave bed frame of a four-piece surfer set that also includes features a dresser, desk and stool colored in ocean-spray blues.

About Legare
Legare furniture is designed with kids in mind. With vivid graphics and bright colors, children will be drawn to their bedrooms for adventures throughout the day. Legare's award-winning design features tool-free assembly to put every item together in under three minutes. You can create entirely fun new worlds that matches your child's imagination in no time at all, from the pit stop of the world's fastest race car driver to the lily pad of a noble and adventurous frog prince.