Save Your Weekends with These 10 Speedy Yard Maintenance Tips

11 August, 2016

Between work, cooking dinners, and transporting kids to functions, it can seem like the last thing you have time for during the week is yard maintenance. With these ten tips you can limit the time you spend maintaining your yard and spend more time enjoying it with family and friends.

1. Start with a Master Plan

Before pulling your first week, take a moment to plan a course of action. Map out your approach by area of your yard, and give targeted attention to the areas that require the most work. Your work will be more focused, and you’ll get more done in less time.

2. Take Preventative Measures

Save more time in the long run by taking measures to prevent weeds before they grow. Using a pre-emergent herbicide will control crabgrass and other weeds by preventing their seeds from sprouting. Eliminating weeds before they grow eliminates the time spent pulling them out by their well-established roots.

3. Minimize Grass Area

Minimizing your actual lawn space will save time and energy spent on mowing, weeding, and watering. Limit your grass area to only what is necessary and dedicate the rest of your backyard on hardscapes and thrifty perennials.

4. Maximize Hardscapes

Use pavers and planters to create a low-maintenance yard space. Produce different elevations by dividing backyard space into separate locations for an outdoor fireplace and even an outside dining area. Explore RST Brands for fabulous fire tables and outdoor dining sets.

5. Soften Hardscapes with Water-Thrifty Perennials

Forgo any plants that have to be replaced annually and supplement your lawn with native plants and succulents. These types of plants can offer filler around pavers and stepping stones as well as bring pops of color to your outdoor oasis.

6. Plant Trees & Shrubs

Trees and shrubs require little annual maintenance and have a big impact on your landscape. They will add appeal, flowers, and fragrance to any outdoor regions.

7. Compost

Whether you create your own or get quality compost through your local garden center, use nutrient rich compost to yield healthy plants. The healthier your plants, the less time you’ll spend trying to revive or remove them.

8. Train Fido

Large yellow dead spots caused by pet urine are difficult to fix and are an eyesore for your lawn. Train your dog to use only one spot in the yard or make a gravel or mulch dog run to keep your grass and shrubs safe.

9. Create Focal Points with Decorative Planters

Vibrantly colored and artistic containers can double as garden art while housing your plants. Grow a cluster of plants with similar needs in attractive containers placed strategically around your outdoor space to create focal points in each direction.

10. Impact > Quantity

Build one or two key garden areas with exotic-looking plants for maximum impact as opposed to multiple beds and borders in all corners of your yard. Center your efforts to the areas you will visit most, like surrounding your porch or deck, to be able to most enjoy the fruits of your labors.

Low-maintenance features will eliminate your time spent sustaining and allow you to spend more time admiring your yard. Enjoy your beautifully simplified space from the comfort of your outdoor patio furniture.