7 Easy Ways to Spice Up Your Front Yard

30 July, 2015

Your front yard is the first thing people see when they come to your house, and you want to make the best first impression possible. Renovating the exterior of your house includes roofing (contacting the best roofing contractor in Brisbane or similar professionals in your vicinity should help), landscaping and other outdoor aspects of your home.

Believe it or not, it doesn’t take a full-on renovation or home improvement loan to increase your curb appeal. Some sweet outdoor furniture might be all you need.

Here are seven creative, easy ways to spice up your front yard.

1. Make Your Porch Say, “Welcome!”

If you’re lucky enough to have a front porch, make sure you do it justice by creating an inviting, cozy space to share a cup of coffee or enjoy a brilliant sunset. Depending on the size of your porch you can create a French café feeling with cute bistro furniture or bring the beach home with a comfy hammock.

No matter how you choose to say hello, accent your furniture with brightly-colored cushions and pillows, a unique welcome sign, and a durable outdoor rug. Consider adding extra touches like string lights or candles to make your porch the place to be day and night. And if you are lucky enough to own a duplex, then you might not need to worry about making room for furniture and decorations outdoors. Duplexes can offer much greater personal independence and privacy than apartment buildings, at a fraction of the cost.

2. Bloom into Color

Flowers are one of the best ways to give your front yard new life. Add fragrance and color in beds or with containers and window boxes. Durable flowers like petunias will bloom all summer and require minimal maintenance. To keep the flower show going year after year, mix perennials like tulips and daisies with annuals such as pansies and geraniums.

If putting together your own floral creation feels a little intimidating, you can buy pre-made pots and window boxes at your local nursery. Just be sure to get the right plants for the type of sun in your front yard. Different flowers need full sun, while others do better in the shade.

3. Show Your Personality

Pink flamingos and garden gnomes may not be your thing, but there are plenty of tasteful ways to express yourself in the front yard. Scour garden stores for interesting sculptures and lawn ornaments. If you want a Zen vibe, look for stone waterfalls or consider converting a flower bed or troublesome lawn spot into a Zen garden.

Lawn ornaments like gazing balls and delicate windmills can be an attractive addition that makes your yard stand out. Be careful not to go overboard when it comes to law décor, though. It’s easier than you think to go from classy to tacky by adding too much of a good thing.

4. Keep It Neat

It nearly goes without saying, but a neat, tidy yard is an instant boost to your home’s aesthetic. Make sure all flower beds are regularly weeded, and stay on top of mowing the lawn. Regularly edging your yard makes your home look extra sharp.

You can also spruce up tired walks and driveways with a fresh coat of sealant and get someone like this Denver Concrete company to come out and repair any cracks right away with patching cement. Staying on top of your drive and walkways can save you lots of money in the long run.

5. Just Add Water

A water feature will instantly take your front yard from boring to beautiful. It’s easy to install a small fountain or waterfall. In fact, many come in easy-to-assemble kits that tie right into your existing outdoor water supply.

If you really want to make a splash, consider adding a koi pond. They don’t require a huge amount of space, and this is one lawn feature you’ll be able to enjoy all year-round-even if you live in a snowy climate.

6. Make It Glow

Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean your yard has to call it a night. Between solar-powered lights and stones and pebbles that glow in the dark your yard will stand out round the clock.

Add solar lights sparingly. It’s tempting to sprinkle them throughout all your flower beds and along borders, but this is a case where less is definitely more. When it comes to laying glow stones or pebbles, select one pathway or bed to highlight and leave the rest alone.

7. Go for the Upgrades

Mailboxes and house numbers are easy to overlook, but upgrading these everyday items can add extra polish to your house. Adding a decorative mailbox is an easy way to help your home stand out. And heavy-duty, designer house numbers are an affordable, instant makeover.

You may also want to think about painting your front door a bright, welcoming color. Look at the colors used in your yard or on your porch décor for ideas about the perfect shade. If painting isn’t your bag, consider replacing a boring door with a new one that features interesting details.

Additionally, you might want to look at the guttering and roofing of your home and give it that extra overhaul. Replacing your roof shingles or guttering might just help you give your home the much needed glow-up. For that hiring the right roofing contractor might prove to be essential – thus, you could look at seeking professional help in this regard.

No matter your budget or DIY skills, there are plenty of creative ways to update your yard and inspire envy in your neighbors. It’s time to get going and make sure the first impression your house makes is one to remember.