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5 Patio Lighting Ideas to Make the Most Out of Your Space

Lighting is everything, even on the exterior of your home. Are you rethinking the current lighting setup on your patio? If all you’ve got are a few floodlights out back, it’s definitely time that you consider some new patio lighting ideas to turn your backyard into a place you love to be, even when it’s dark outside.

Here are 5 outdoor lighting ideas you should seriously consider for your backyard to give it some style, some ambiance, and create your own little piece of nighttime paradise.

1. Pathway Lights

Walkway or pathway lights should especially be considered when you’re looking for garden patio ideas. Although they won’t offer enough light to be your primary light source, walkway lights are an excellent option to use as a way to provide some soft lighting to your patio, while highlighting elements of your yard.

2. White Twinkly Lights

While it may seem cliché, your backyard and patio really aren’t complete without strings of white twinkly lights. An excellent idea for patio party lights, these lights can be strung across your patio, used to light up your trees, or even to wrap around your deck to add a beautiful soft glow to any get-together, or just an evening relaxing on the patio. You really can’t go wrong with twinkly lights.

3. Fire Table

Stop thinking about the small fire pits that are only good for roasting marshmallows, and consider installing a fire table in your backyard. Not only are these stylish and beautiful, but they can easily give off enough light to help you see on your patio at night.

4. Lamp Posts

Lamp post lights can be used solely to surround your patio, or scattered around throughout your backyard, adding a homey, welcoming feel to your outdoor spaced. An excellent consideration when coming up with small patio ideas, or just outdoor patio ideas in general, lamp posts look classic and timeless in any yard.

5. Moon Lighting

Imagine your backyard lit up by the soft glow of the moon—is there anything more magical? No matter how well the moon usually lights up your patio, using this type of lighting will leave your yard bathed in a soft glow, creating an excellent backdrop for a dinner with friends, or setting the mood for a romantic evening on your patio.  

Feeling Inspired?

Are you ready to get out there and get your outdoor spaces lit up properly with one or more of these lighting ideas for patios? Decide the mood you’d like to set in your yard and turn your patio into the magical space of you’ve always wanted.

2017 Outdoor Patio Trends are Bold, Yet Simple

It may seem a little cold outside to be thinking about patio furniture and backyard decorating ideas, but winter is the perfect season to begin perusing the upcoming patio trends to ensure your summer patio set is on point. Think spirited silhouettes, chunky wicker weaves, bold patterns mixed with vibrant colors, and outdoor dining tables while mixing and matching your 2017 patio furniture.

1. Spirited Silhouettes

Patio pieces should make a statement with your use of shapes, materials, and colors. Gone is the day of uniform and sameness; you want pieces with different depths and shapes to stand out from the rest. High-backed chairs, chaise lounge sofas, tall canopies, innovative sling chairs, and punched steel designs can all add dramatic silhouettes to your sunbathing set of furniture.

2. Upholstery, Wicker, Teak, Iron, and Stainless Steel

Experimenting with new materials and textures will be a popular outdoor furniture trend in 2017. Though black and brown finishes are always fan-favorites, multi-step finishes and hand-woven resin wicker allow for different colors and finishes that will bring more texture to old styles.

Weave designs within the furniture will also bring flair to future patio sets. Open weaves and braiding will continue to flourish in the design scene and the introduction of thicker and even multi-colored weave creations will add incredible accents for the new year.

3. Vibrant and Energetic Colors

The design innovators at Behance say “scenes from life” will be the color trends of 2017: “cityscapes, island getaways, and lush countrysides”. Green and blue hues such as Aqua, Sea Foam, Drab Green, and Indigo will create calming, spa-like vibes. Coral, Sienna, Pink, Orchid, Melon, Bubblegum, Custard Yellow, and Butterscotch will add pops of vibrancy that will pair nicely with more subdued tones such as Mushroom, Buff, Khaki, and Tailored Grey.

“Use a Use a vibrant outdoor rug to set the tone. Whimsy or traditional, you can create the vibe and style you’re going for with an outdoor-friendly rug easily changed next Spring.” – Kelli Ellis, Celebrity Designer and RST Brands Outdoor Living Brand Ambassador

4. Cushions Galore

Cushions and pillows are the best way to add color and personality to your patio set. Bold prints and patterns with contrasting colors and abstract geometric shapes will surely be trending in 2017. A textured dark chair or couch with solid cushions will pair nicely with patterned and striped pillows for a modern look.

Be sure to select a resilient fabric for your outdoor design that will withstand the elements, both rain or shine, while maintaining comfort and style. A sunbrella fabric will avoid fading in harsh sunlight and is layered to allow for quick drying after a moisture-filled day.

5. Mixed Styles

Design styles in the new year will vary from simplistically modern to bohemian chic. Simple, elegant lines with spunky features will create a welcoming oasis. Mixing and matching materials such as wicker, wood slat, concrete, and upholstery transform a classic style into a fresh new look. With millennials continuing to gain interest in travel and embracing culture in their decorative style, textured artisanal patterns and eclectic textiles will be making their way to your patio in 2017.

6. Outdoor Entertaining

Your patio is no longer just a place to sunbathe or sit, it is your best place to entertain. Patio furniture needs to be prepared to seat various-sized groups of guests in a comfortable fashion for next year’s garden and patio parties. Guests need to feel relaxed and have multiple seating options ranging from single chairs to large patio sectionals.

7. Blending Indoor with Outdoors

Who says eating dinner and warming up by the fire has to take place indoors? Blending your indoor furniture style with the outdoors is gaining a lot of attention. Repurposing old indoor furniture to withstand outdoor temperatures can really add pizazz. Adding an outdoor table for dining al fresco or a flickering fire pit is sure to impress your guests.

8. Accessories

“Outdoor floor lighting is HAUTE! Creating the outdoor living room is easy with on-point outdoor lighting that’s cordless and fashionable.” – Kelli Ellis

Developing your budding outdoor living design goes beyond furniture. By accessorizing your space you can set the tone for your backyard retreat. Lighting, art, and potted plants can all be used to set your patio apart and create the ambiance you want your guests to feel upon first glance.

It’s never too cold to think about your outdoor living ideas. Update old furniture with fashion-forward patterns, embrace bold colors, and repurpose old items for unique furniture pieces that will keep your guests talking.