The 4 rules of furniture arrangement

10 February, 2015

Furniture arrangement can be an art – a good arrangement makes the space feel inviting and comfortable and allows for smooth traffic flow. While you might think that the way you place your furniture only matters inside, it makes a huge difference in your outdoor living space. If you have or plan to get outdoor furniture sets, use these golden rules of arrangement to create a functional space:

1. Note traffic
Your backyard probably has a lot of movement – kids and pets run through the grass, friends and family walk around your patio as you grill, etc. Your furniture arrangement should not interrupt this flow, but rather allow for people to continue moving about the space. Pay attention to how you use your patio or deck and implement those traffic patterns into your design. 

For instance, if your back door opens to your deck and the stairs to your lawn are on the left, make sure no furniture is in that path – place pieces on the right instead.

2. Think of usage
If your coffee table is too far from your outdoor sectional, no one will want to use it. They'd have to get up just to set down a drink. When planning your arrangement, think of how you'll use your space and your pieces. From end tables and coffee tables to dining sets, every bit of furniture has a purpose. 

Once you set up all of your furniture, try using the space. Make sure you can reach things, put up your feet up, etc., and adjust as needed.

3. Place the large pieces first
Your outdoor sofa is much larger than an end table, so it should have priority when you place your pieces. Put it in a prime location, then set the rest of your furniture around it. 

4. Facilitate conversation
A dining or sectional set is meant to allow for conversation. People want to chat when they're sitting together, so make sure your furniture arrangement allows them to do so. For instance, make sure chairs face the sofa, working in a square shape. Triangle-like arrangements work as well – in fact, they're great if you have a focal point in your yard, like a fireplace. Have a sofa act as one side of the triangle, two chairs and an end table act as another side, and your coffee table and focal point act as the third. 

The triangle arrangement allows people to talk and view the visually interesting point in your backyard.