Things to consider when choosing outdoor dining sets

24 July, 2014

Purchasing new dining furniture for your backyard or patio requires some thought and planning. You want to ensure the objects you select meet your entertainment and leisure needs, as well as fit your lifestyle. As you begin shopping for quality pieces, take time to consider which features would be best for your outdoor furniture sets. This list of things to consider when searching will help guide you through the buying process:

How much maintenance would you like to perform?
Some materials need to be cared for more than others. For example, teak wood can gray when exposed to sunlight, and must be washed to maintain its honey color. Before you start shopping for outdoor home accessories, decide how much time and effort you're willing to put into maintaining your furniture. You can find low-maintenance options that are also high quality, such as aluminum and synthetic wicker.

In fact, RST Brands carries exclusively low-maintenance outdoor furniture. Many items only need to be washed with a hose and mild cleanser. Additionally, the finish on such furniture pieces is weatherproof to ensure you won't have to restore the product after years of wind and sun exposure.

Some homeowners do enjoy caring for their belongings. If you fall into that category, then you might like owning wood pieces. As long as you choose furniture that suits your lifestyle, you will enjoy owning it.

How much space do you have?
Your backyard or patio has a finite amount of space into which you must fit your furniture. By selecting patio dining sets that are proportional to your square footage, you'll ensure you and your guests have plenty of room to move about and sit. Fortunately, you'll have no trouble finding outdoor dining furniture sets that match any amount of space you have. Here are a few suggestions based on available room:

A lot of space: If you have a large yard, patio or deck, then you might be interested in a bigger dining set. More people will be able to eat and mingle outside should you go this route. The Deco Nine Piece Dining set seats eight people comfortably.

Mid-range: The Astoria Five Piece Cafe Dining set is designed to seat four people. It'll fit on a medium-sized patio and is perfect for a smaller family.

Private space: Want to create a little nook in your yard perfect for private conversations or one-on-one dinners? You will love the Sol Three Piece Bistro set.

How will you divide your space?
Even if your yard is sweeping, you may not want to devote all of the space to dining furniture. In the future, you might choose to add outdoor lounge chairs and sectionals to provide comfortable leisure seating for your family and friends to use. Plan now how you would divide your space to accommodate multiple seating arrangements. That way, you'll choose a dining set that fits into your yard comfortably with future furniture purchases. 

Is the furniture weatherproofed?
Rain and sun are the two most damaging elements your outdoor furniture will face. The sun can fade color while rain may seep into fabrics or cushions. As you hunt for quality pieces, make sure the cushions are weatherproofed and that the materials used are durable. You can also help your furniture repel water by coating it with a light layer of wax – this is good for aluminum pieces.