Things you need to host an outdoor movie night in your backyard

29 July, 2014

Don’t let summer come to a close until you’ve made the most of your backyard. The warm weather is perfect for hosting get-togethers! In fact, you can use your outdoor living space even after the sun has gone down. Consider transforming your yard into a movie theater one night. Your friends and family will love lounging and watching a great flick in the comfort of private property. Of course, if you’re going to pull this off, you’ll need a few pointers.

Set up the screen
Setting up a large outdoor viewing screen is easier than you may think. You’ll need:

  • A DVD or Blu-ray player
  • A movie
  • A sound system (such as the speakers or sound bar you have inside your house)
  • A projector
  • A screen

Hook the player into the projector and set up your speakers in your yard. Then hang your screen. You can make one using sheets and some PVC pipe, or purchase one. Take some time out during the day to test the setup as a whole. That way, when night falls and friends gather, you’ll be ready to hit play.

Make sure there’s no bright light in your backyard, otherwise the movie will get washed out. Also, you may want to warn your neighbors about the noise¬†(or invite them to the movie night).

Get some comfortable seating
Movie theaters have become more sophisticated over the years, but the seating still isn’t as comfortable as what you can provide at home. Take advantage of the fact that your theater is in your yard and offer the coziest seating possible. RST Brands’ outdoor furniture sets are just the ticket! With lounger chairs and outdoor sectionals, you’re sure to find seating that will make movie night the most pleasant film-viewing experience you’ve ever had. We recommend a couple different pieces for your party:

Portofino Signature Lounger Set and Table: This set comes with two folding lounge chairs, each of which have padded seats. The cushions are weatherproof and the chairs are made of durable synthetic wicker. Along with the chairs, you’ll get a matching end table. Set up the chairs to face your outdoor screen, placing the table in the middle. That way, viewers will have a spot to rest their drinks.

Resort Five-Piece Seating Set: If you want to have a lot of people over and seat them in a smaller amount of space, you may prefer to use an outdoor sectional. This outdoor furniture set from RST Brands can do just that. You can even configure the pieces to work well with your movie night arrangement.