Tips and ideas for your landscaping project around your pool

23 May, 2014

Summer is here and that means poolside projects are either being planned or are already well underway. Many people see their pool as the major focal point of their backyard and want to accessorize that area with beautiful statues and lighting. But one of the most lasting additions to your pool is the landscaping that surrounds it, which is why more and more people are investing in the services of companies like Red Shovel Albuquerque area, or one closer to their location, for advice on what next steps to take. By taking control of the shape and layout of the ground around your pool – which includes your deck and patio – you can create a fun and beautiful environment. Here are a few tips to help you get started on this season’s landscaping project:

Find your inspiration
A lot of the work for your landscaping project begins in your imagination. Before you dig a single shovel into the soil around your pool, find your inspiration. Movies, books, and paintings are excellent starting points. You can also do research on different types of flowers and plants or take a look at various styles of gardening that would match your backyard area perfectly. You might be inspired to have an artificial grass installation or some real turf installed around the pool area to possibly feel like it is more linked with the rest of your garden. Whatever you decide, use ideas that you’ve fallen in love with and start from there.

Design your deck and patio layout
Once you get your creative juices flowing and have a list of ideas you want to apply to your project. When choosing patio furniture, you should consider having enough seating to accommodate guests comfortably. RST Brands has a wide variety of outdoor furniture sets and patio dining chairs and tables that complement any landscaping theme or design. You should also sit down and determine the flow of traffic around your pool. Don’t rush through this part. Easily accessible walkways and planned-out seating areas will protect the plants and flowers from being trampled.

Start planting and shaping
If you don’t have much experience with landscaping, you might want to use professional landscaping services Harrisonburg (or one in your area) for your project. Talk with a professional to discuss what can be done with the given space. Small backyards won’t be able to accommodate gigantic sprawling waterfalls. So you can ask them to come up with a landscape design that makes the most of the limited space. If necessary, you can also make some space by removing things such as large trees and bushes. If you were curious about this option you could search for a specialist tree surgeon in your local area, by searching a term similar to jacksonville tree removal, for example, you might find an appropriate solution. Alternatively, if you were trying to create an outdoor oasis in your backyard, you might consider integrating large broad-leaf plants and a lower layer – plants that grow no taller than 12 inches – that acts as a ground cover. Is a day at the beach the theme of your landscaping project? Dig out an area around your pool and line it with landscape fabric. Fill it with pale sand, also called sugar sand, and add some patio furniture or umbrellas to create your own beach getaway.