Tips for creating a reading nook in your garden

26 March, 2014

If your garden is your sanctuary, then chances are you want to spend as much time there as possible. When renovating your backyard, be sure to plan a space that can serve as your own private oasis. A backyard reading nook set in your garden would be the ultimate place to unwind and enjoy the wealth of the great outdoors. Here are some tips for creating this reading space:

Select comfortable seating
Finding the right style of outdoor seating should be your first concern when designing your garden reading nook. If you prefer to lay down while you enjoy a book, a chaise lounge will allow you to do just that. However, opt for a loveseat sofa if you'll be sharing the reading space with your significant other or a friend from time to time.

Hammocks are another comfortable type of lounging furniture. These days a patio hammock comes with its own base, so you can put it wherever you like, including the garden. There are a variety of colors you can choose from to match the decor of your outdoor space. If you have roses opt for a red hammock to mimic the hue.

Think about privacy
Be sure to think about privacy when creating your garden reading nook. Keep your nook secluded by ensuring your fence is covered with a thick bush or vines. Or you can plant tall trees that help add privacy to your reading nook.

Add a light fixture
Sometimes you may want to read during the evening. Don't let the sun setting interrupt your story! Instead, install outdoor light fixtures nearby so you can illuminate the space when necessary. Some fixtures are programmable so they can turn on as soon as the sun sets.