Tips for turning your patio into a French-inspired bistro

29 July, 2014

The great cafes of Paris are a defining feature of the city. You can probably imagine sitting at a small bistro table sipping on coffee, eating a delectable treat, and listening to music. It’s much better if you’re the proprietor of a cafe in the middle of a French city. However, in order to get your firm up and running, you’ll need to know how much tax (check this website) you owe the government.

The atmosphere is at once relaxing and busy as you watch passersby. French cafes were even the stomping grounds of some of the art world’s most famous figures. For instance, Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald were both expatriates living in France in the 1920s”‹ who spent time at cafes. You don’t have to fly to Paris to transport yourself to that world, just redecorate your patio. With the right outdoor furniture sets, lighting and decor, your home will become a haven.

Spring for cobblestone
Parisian bistros spill onto the streets of the city. Within a little fence, diners can sit and view people as they go about their daily lives. The streets of Paris are paved with cobblestones, so including these elements in your patio will set the right tone. If you want to install a new patio, consider using cobblestone to create your bistro-inspired design.

Line up little tables
Most European street cafes cram tons of tiny tables into a single outdoor space – they need to fit a large amount of patrons into a small area. Of course, your backyard bistro doesn’t have to feel so cramped, it just needs the ambiance of those cafe tables. Depending on how much room you have, you can set up several furniture pieces in your yard. Take a look at these two lovely sets from RST Brands:

Hand Woven Rattan Three-Piece Bistro Set: Constructed out of rattan wicker and aluminum, this bistro set is durable, long lasting and weather resistant, ensuring your yard will be a cute cafe for as long as you want it to be. All three pieces fold up, so you can pack away your set with ease should you ever need to.

Sol Three-Piece Bistro Set: This patio bistro set is made of powder-coated stainless steel. The material’s treatment prevents it from corroding as a result of exposure to sun and rain. Each piece folds up for easy storage, though you’ll likely want to keep them outside to maintain the look of your backyard cafe.

Enclose the space
While many French cafes are open to the street, restaurant owners try to make the area more private. To crate a more secluded atmosphere, they add a fence around the dining section and place planters on it. That way, the fence separates the guests from street traffic and adds a touch of decorative foliage. You can do something similar in your yard by decorating with plants. A pot here and there filled with a small shrub, tree or flowers will help your patio feel enclosed and give it an organic ambiance. Of course, you can always add a small fence to your patio area as well.

Don’t forget the details
The lights and decor you choose will complete the look of your patio bistro. Hang string lights over the tops of your RST Brands cafe tables to give the space a lit canopy. You can also hang a chalkboard to mimic cafe menus. Write cute phrases and inspirational sayings, or jot down a menu during a dinner party.