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Top 5 Trends in Furniture Design From 2016

29 September, 2016

Trends in furniture design tend to be cyclical, and 2016 is no exception. But that’s what can make interior and exterior design so fun–finding interesting ways to blend the retro with the modern. Today’s top designers are finding interesting ways to show-off a 1970s vibe while still capturing a modern sensibility of simplicity and sustainability.

Here are the top furniture design trends from 2016 to inspire your next home decorating project.

70’s Inspired Sofas Designed for Lounging & Comfort

What do you picture when you think of 70’s furniture? Low to the ground, tapered legs, and slender profiles. The furniture of this freewheeling decade was built for comfort and it is making a big come back in the furniture scene.

Opting for comfort and high quality is also a great idea because as long as something is super comfortable to lounge in and built with materials designed to last, your family will never stop enjoying them. This plush and boxy Montreal 3 piece sectional is perfect for hanging out with friends all day long or curling up to watch Netflix.

Lava lamp is optional.


Modular, sectional couches have been popular for years now, but they’re really starting to be integrated into living room and outdoor spaces in exciting new ways.

The versatility of a modular sofa is its biggest advantage. Designers are starting to experiment with different geometric shapes and interesting designs that expand the functionality of a space.

Black is Back

Black is a bold choice, but in the right room it can be gorgeous. Think black matte appliances and accents, as well as moody and dramatic black paint and wallpaper choices.

Don’t be afraid to go to a dark place and envelope a den or family room in black. Choose the dark side with this Valhalla six piece sectional that is perfect for a home theater.

Organic Surfaces with Metallic Touches

Organic surfaces, such as wood, stone, and even geodes are a great contrast to metallic, industrial design that create instant interest. Distressed wood combined with powder-coated steel is a good choice for a coffee table, and decorating touches like petrified wood can lend a room an inviting and rustic feel.

Outdoor-Indoor Integrations

Make your outdoor deck an extension of your indoor living space. You can accomplish this by choosing outdoor furniture that is congruent with your indoor furniture.

By creating a seamless indoor-outdoor transition, you can truly open up your home and take full advantage of your patio and your view. The Deco Collection utilizes diverse and high quality fabric options, making it easy to match with your indoor designs.

With a great set of both outdoor and indoor furniture that complement each other perfectly, you won’t want to wait to entertain family and friends!