Top outdoor furniture trends for 2014

10 March, 2014

Good news! The outdoor entertaining season is just around the corner. Homeowners from across the country will be revamping their patio spaces to include the best lounging amenities as they prepare for this season of backyard barbecues and cocktail parties. If you want to have a contemporary backyard, check out these trends for 2014:

Outdoor furniture market news
According to a report released by the American Institute of Architects (AIA), outdoor living spaces are one of the most desirable types of special function rooms. These findings are the result of homeowners wanting to expand their usable living space. Twenty-two percent of the study respondents chose patio space as a desirable feature in their home in the second quarter of 2010. Additionally, according to Global Industry Analysts, the United States market for outdoor furniture is projected to exceed $5 billion by 2017. With the overwhelming interest in this type of living space, it's best to outfit your patio now to stay in line with trends.

Custom spaces
As people spend more time designing their homes, they are selecting custom furniture layouts that fit their style aesthetics. So when revamping your own outdoor living space you can choose what patio chairs you want along with the right table. Or if you prefer a different setup you can select decorative bar stools to go along with your cocktail area. The point is that you can design a space to fit your needs and entertaining style.

Eco-friendly materials
Sustainability is a trend that is sticking around for 2014. These days people prefer to purchase outdoor furniture sets that have been built with eco-friendly materials or construction practices. The use of recycled materials, in particular, is often a popular feature in outdoor furniture. The AIA report also indicated a high interest in energy efficiency in the home. Spending time in an outdoor living space can help you reduce your electricity use.

Large patio spaces
Patio spaces used to be small 20-by-10-foot squares where homeowners were supposed to set their outdoor furniture and grill. However, people are rebuilding their outdoor areas to expand these limitations so there is space for multiple entertaining areas. For example, you can set up one of the popular fire pits so your friends can gather around it on a chilly night. Also you can having a dining room set for meals.

Performance matters
Another trend involves people wanting their furniture purchases be smart ones. For example, it's vital for outdoor sectional sets, individuals sofas and chairs to be made from quality materials. Additional desirable features include furniture that is resistant to fading, scratching and other abuses that might happen from being stored outdoors.