Tricks to make your small yard look bigger

22 September, 2014

Small yards can feel cramped, overgrown, and not useable. Using a few professional landscaping tips, you can trick your eyes into seeing the yard as an expansive oasis. These deceptions can be used on a yard of any size, even small side yards and front yards. Test them out and find just how big your yard really can be. 

Creating lines in your backyard is important when trying to make it seem larger. This forces your eyes to follow a pathway or a pattern in a direction, making a space seem more expansive than it really is. One simple trick is to design your patio or deck with diagonally placed planks or stones. This means that the wood boards jut out 45 degrees from the back wall your house. You can also use this technique by building a walkway that cuts diagonally across your lawn. Both of these tips will elongate the space involved. 

For any winding pathway, decrease its width as it gets further away from the house. Even in a small area, your eyes will see the yard as long and sweeping. You can also use this same tip for landscaping any garden beds. 

Focal points
Having a focal point is essential for small yards. If your eyes are constantly drawn to one specific area, the yard will appear much larger in between. One example of a focal point is a brightly cushioned piece of furniture, like a chair, situated beneath a rose trellis. Choose rose colors that will emphasize the focal point with strong colors like orange or red. 

Another focal point that you should take advantage of in the later afternoons is the Aura Copper Fire Bowl. Eyes are naturally drawn to light, and this fire bowl will have everyone looking.

Color can be used to force you to see a larger yard. Place strong colors like reds, yellows and neons close to your doorway. Choose to decorate a large portion of your fences with soft colors like gray, brown and beige. Having bright colors up close can trick your eyes to focus on objects near at hand, making the yard seem far off in the background. It can also help to have subtle furniture like the Resort 5 Piece Seating and Large Ottoman set. 

If your backyard has views of a park or a large and open area, make sure that you can see this space from your own yard. It will make your small area feel as if it encapsulates the full view. If prospects are not to be had, create your own with a trellis or even an umbrella. Your eyes will get a glimpse of the yard beyond and think it is a large expanse.