How To Turn Your Backyard Into An Italian-inspired Garden

17 May, 2018

When it comes time to escape from the stress of life, there is no better place than a beautifully designed backyard and patio. In regards to the perfect combination of comfort and style, no one does it better than the Italians. From the cobblestone streets of Rome to the rolling Tuscan countryside, there is no shortage of design inspiration you can draw from to create your own Italian inspired outdoor space.  

What sets an Italian inspired garden and villa apart from other design styles? Warm colors, rich textures, and sustainable local plants all play a part. Simple elements like terra cotta pots, gravel pathways, and immaculately manicured shrubs and lawns will make you feel like you’ve been transported to the Italian countryside. Here are a few tips to turn your outdoor patio into your own private Italian Villa.

1. Feature Stone

Italy is filled with stonework, from the streets to the buildings and everything in between. Using light colored stone as a walkway, retaining wall, or as stepping stones will give your garden an authentic Italian look. Consider dressing up a simple stone patio with an outdoor fire table for added ambiance.

2. Add Plants And Flowers

Terra cotta pots filled with boxed hedges, flowering shrubs, and climbing vines are a great way to bring Italian inspiration into your garden. Many Italian gardens feature arbors and pergolas filled with native climbing plants. Plants can also help provide a little privacy as well.

3. Dine All’aperto

Gathering together with friends and family around an outdoor dining table is the perfect place to be on a warm summer night. If you choose an outdoor dining set with additional seating, it provides a place for your guests to linger and have conversation.

4. Plenty Of Seating

Italian gardens are well known for having outdoor chairs and benches throughout the garden, providing many places for friends and family to relax and enjoy the garden. Benches nestled under vine-covered arbors in a secluded corner will help you create the villa inspiration you’re looking for.

5. Add Natural Elements

Fire and water features are great additions to Italian inspired gardens. Fountains and urns filled with bubbling water help create a relaxing, luxurious feeling. Fire tables and comfy club chairs provide the perfect place to gather with friends on a cool spring, summer or fall evening. Fire tables also make a great outdoor dining option as well. Enjoy your favorite Italian delicacies or enjoy a decadent homemade s’more.

6. Use Different Textures

Italian gardens are full of complementing textures like the hard edges of the stonework and the soft, feathery grace of the plants and flowers. The same idea can be used for your furniture and accessories as well. Pair a luxurious outdoor patio sofa with a vibrant canvas pillow or an accent table filled with fragrant herbs in terracotta pots and urns. Using different textures throughout your design is an easy way to add Italian inspiration to your outdoor space.

7. Textiles

Adding beautiful throw pillows to patio lounge chairs and outdoor sofas can instantly dress up your outdoor patio. Hanging long, flowing curtains around a pergola is another way textiles can make a space look warm and inviting. Cloth napkins for the dining table and a basket of soft, warm blankets for guests to wrap up in are other ways to introduce more textiles into your backyard design.

Creating your own Italian-inspired outdoor patio design is simple and easy to do. Adding a few authentic Italian touches like the ones above will turn your backyard into your own Italian Villa.